Public Narrative

Throughout General Convention, many of us have been participating in the “Public Narrative Project.”  We have been learning a new way of telling our individual personal stories, the stories of us (community) and the urgency of now (how we as a community are called to mission – to act with urgency).  We have done this exercise with members of our own diocese.  I find that even when you think you know someone, there is always so much more to learn.  It is exciting to hear about what calls your friends into mission. To learn more about the passions of your friends can so energize any of us.  I pray that we will take this exercise back to our congregations and parishes.

Yesterday, I was reminded about the amazing way we conduct business with each other.  One of the rules for us is to be very respectful to one another when we are talking and particularly when we hear the results of ballots.  It is that gentle reminder that the result you may want for the vote may not be what someone else wanted.  Praying for each other in all times is an amazing gift.

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