Bishops adopt D025 with amendment

Posted this just now to the Diocese of Chicago General Convention newsroom, first news brief to post after Episcopal Cafe published the vote count in The Lead.


The House of Bishops Monday evening July 13 adopted an amended version of Resolution D025, the measure adopted by the House of Deputies July 12 calling for full access to the ordination process and reaffirming the Episcopal Church’s ties to the Anglican Communion. After approving amendments that added further definition to the Episcopal Church’s role “as a constituent member” of the Anglican Communion, and to the nature of a call to ordained ministry as“a mystery which the Church attempts to discern for all people”, the bishops adopted resolution D025a by a 99 to 45 vote with two bishop abstaining. Since the bishops amended the resolution it now returns to the House of Deputies legislative committee for review and recommendation. The committee can recommend concurrence or rejection, or further amend it, before the deputies take it up again.

The bishops consideration of the measure began with Bishop Jeffrey Lee of Chicago asking for table conversation time before the House formally took up the resolution. After a half hour of table conversation, Bishop Dorsey Henderson of Upper South Carolina moved the amendment on the nature of the call to ordination, which was later amended by Bishop Mark Hollingsworth of Ohio.

(based on reporting in Episcopal Cafe)

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