Restructuring Update September 1

September 1, 2011

Dear Friends:

It’s been a full summer. Our pilgrimage to the Holy Land was a holy time of contemplating the mysteries of our faith and the complexities of peace and justice in that fragile place, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience the journey with fellow pilgrims from across the diocese. Lisa and I enjoyed time with family and friends when we returned, and I came back to work last week eager to continue our work together.

One of our top priorities is concluding the search for our executive team, which will include a director of ministries, a director of networking and a director of operations. We received 48 resumes in response to the posting of these three positions, and I’m delighted at the response and the quality of applicants.

I’ve asked M. E. Eccles of the Standing Committee, Idida Perez of the Antiracism Commission, and Anna Stefaniak, the diocese’s associate for human resources and technology, to help me review the applications. We began that process last week, and expect to hold the first round of interviews the week after Labor Day.

In addition to the persons I’ve already mentioned, leaders with relevant expertise have agreed to help us with these first interviews. Congregations Commission co-chairs Andrea Mysen and Steve Godfrey will interview the director of ministries candidates; Chancellor Todd Young and Lonn Myers of Bishop and Trustees will interview director of operations candidates; and our communications consultants, Canticle Communications partners Rebecca Wilson and Jim Naughton and Hispanic Affairs Chair Alvaro Araica will interview director of networking candidates.

At the end of September, when I have returned from the House of Bishops meeting in Quito, Ecuador, I plan to interview the final nominees for each position. It’s my hope that the entire executive team will be in place by our Diocesan Convention, November 18-19.

I am grateful to all of you and to our staff who have worked so hard this summer to provide continuity and advance the mission of the diocese during this time of transition. Thank you for your prayers and support.

In peace,

Jeffrey D. Lee



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