Chicago Consultation/Ujamaa Centre Consultation

In mid-October, the Chicago Consultation and the Ujamaa Centre of the University of KwaZulu-Natal will convene a gathering in South Africa to strengthen mission and advocacy connections among Anglicans who are interested in the theology of human sexuality and justice. We believe that deeper connections with each other will make it easier for us to work together in mission and to communicate productively when challenging Communion-wide issues arise. The co-conveners of the consultation are Professor Gerald West, director of the Ujamaa Centre, and Professor Esther Mombo of St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya.

Bishop Jeff Lee; the Rev. Dr. Bonnie Perry, rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Chicago and co-founder of the Chicago Consultation; and Ruth Frey, director of continuing education at Seabury Western Theological Seminary and member of the Chicago Consultation Steering Committee, will travel from Chicago to South Africa for the event.

The consultation, which will involve about 55 people and last for three days, will be grounded in the Indaba process, prayer and Bible study and will explore theological perspectives on human sexuality and justice. Participants will include theologians, bishops, church leaders, grassroots advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and other people willing to engage in intensive conversations across cultural boundaries. Both Lee and Perry will make presentations during the consultation.

The participants in the consultation will share their experiences with the wider church through stories and video reflections and through the report of a listening team led by the Rev. Janet Trisk, a representative to the Anglican Consultative Council from the Church of Southern Africa. Frey will serve as a member of the listening team.

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