Bishop Lee’s Lenten Invitation

Bishop Lee invites the diocese to participate in an online Lenten book discussion about A Practical Christianity by Jane Shaw, dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Dean Shaw is the former dean of divinity at New College, Oxford, where she also taught history and theology.

4 thoughts on “Bishop Lee’s Lenten Invitation

  1. I can’t find any actual discussion of how to participate in this discussion, or where. I keep following the links and going in circles.

    For whatever it’s worth I’m really not happy about it being on Facebook, and if I have to update to the new Facebook to participate I most likely won’t, because the new Facebook is a serious Invasion of Privacy in capital letters.

    • Hi, Dora–

      The book discussion will happen both here on the blog and on Facebook. Some people prefer one and some the other, so we want to make it available both places. The discussion will start on Wednesday, February 22–Ash Wednesday.

      –Rebecca and the web team

  2. Do the ashes with which we are marked help to start this conversation or not? What would you say to kick-start that conversation with someone who may be spiritual but religiously indifferent?

    –Bishop Jeff Lee
    Ash Wednesday 7pm, St Marks Barrington lounge our Celtic lenten season begins; parish members ashed each other and then passed on the Holy Mysteries…I turned to a young man on my right who, when handed the cup, turned and said to me, “…I can’t do this…” The cup, wafer, and purificator had been very quickly passed on to him. I just looked at him and said, “you’re doing fine” (he didn’t know I had been an acolyte warden for 13 years) but his eyes of love and his candid words and my reply kick-starts this conversation for me…

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