A Practical Christianity: Chapter 5

It seems just right to me that Jane Shaw ends her reflections on a practical Christianity by speaking about both love and taking our faith out into the world just as we prepare to enter Holy Week.  Just like with Ash Wednesday, the world will see what we do–and what we believe–from waving palm branches on the steps of our churches to linking arms with those who grieve during CROSSwalk to the most holy days of the Triduum. Jane’s words challenge me as I ponder if we prove by our actions–these actions–that the stranger is our family.  Journeying through Holy Week how aware will we be that it is God’s love that ushers us from “dust to glory”?  If a practical Christianity is about engaging the world we live in, what do you see as areas of challenge and hope as you enter these holy days?

2 thoughts on “A Practical Christianity: Chapter 5

  1. Some of the more meaningful Good Friday experiences I’ve had over the years have been ecumenical, outdoor Stations of the Cross processions through the streets of the city, stopping and praying at a number of sites like a prison, the police station, city hall, perhaps a bank known for predatory lending, a crack house or convenience store known for drug dealing. Like “Ashes to Go” it take the faith into the world, provides a public witness to one of our holiest days, and connects that event to the ongoing suffering and evil in society.

  2. And, by the way, the CrossWalk so many of you are participating in today (and marches for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin like I joined here in the Quad Cities last week) are perhaps even more important opportunities to “Walk the Way of the Cross” in our day. Christians in solidarity with others in search of justice…and therefore peace.

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