Pray and act for those closest to violence


While many members of our diocese work hard on the issues facing the Episcopal Church at the General Convention here in Indianapolis, I sit here with a heavy heart as a wave of violence sweeps over the city of Chicago in these hot summer days.

Over the past three days 20 men and women have been wounded and three killed in our see city.  Three of the slain are children and teens.  In addition, since mid-June over 75 people have been wounded and 12 killed. My heart breaks for those who are grieving and I invite you to join me in prayer for the city of Chicago, its most vulnerable children and youth, and for all in the grips of a violent culture that is only exacerbated by the extreme heat.  While I’m here at General Convention I will invite the House of Bishops to join us in these prayers.

Please know that through the continuing efforts of CROSSwalk, leaders across our diocese and those of other faiths around the city, continue to meet, work for change, and stand in solidarity with those closest to this violence.  Opportunities to volunteer and make a difference are being updated regularly on the CROSSwalk website ( or please contact Jack Clark for ways to get involved



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