One Book, One Diocese: Help, Thanks, Wow–Week 3

Week 3 of Bishop’s Lee’s book discussion of Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott continues with “Thanks.”

He asks, “What is it for you that you know to be true and worthy of the prayer ‘thanks,’ that you don’t always exactly believe?”

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9 thoughts on “One Book, One Diocese: Help, Thanks, Wow–Week 3

  1. Umm, yes. That’s been my prayer all week. Just one example- when I couldn’t sleep Saturday morning and was lead to an email about the inquirers’ class at St. James that Bruce was teaching about the history of Episcopal music. So, I went and then was asked to sing the prayers of the people the next day. I had been considering skipping out on services because I had a big event at work later in the day on Sunday, but agreeing to sing made ensured I would be there. And then it was just one of those services that sends chills through your body cause every word seems to be in response to the worries in your head and the weight on your heart. And I thought, ‘Ok, God. I get it. Thanks.’ And you just can’t help but laugh and smile and let the tears flow.

  2. I love Amy’s response of “OK, God, I get it! Thanks!!” When I have those moments I am full of awe. Except my response is usually something like,”Duh!! I’m a little slow God! Thanks!!”
    My faith challenge is to be thankful when IN the muck and mire, before I see/believe that God has given me a way through.

  3. God was on the periphery of my life for many years. That is no longer so and for that I say a LOUD thanks, but the enthusiasm with which I now live my life is something I find hard to believe. it comes so easily now and sometimes I think: “I wish I had known, I wish I had acted sooner”. I can’t believe how happy I am.

  4. I always give thanks for hope. I don’t always know if I can make it through the challenges that seem to be my life sometimes, but I always thank God for the ability to hope and be hopeful. Not in a wishy- washy “I hope everything is okay” and I have done nothing to help; but in the feeling that as long as I am alive and working on the challenge spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, etc. there is always that light at the end of the tunnel. I give thanks for not knowing the ending but believing because of my faith, in the light – hope.

  5. I think it’s a great thing that I can always fall back to “Thanks”, when I don’t really have the internal wherewithal to come up with something more. There is always something to be thankful for. I like the author’s example of “not having that drink”, especially.

  6. I find all three prayers – HELP, THANKS and WOW – are going up most all the time. God had brought me through so many situations and experiences that I didn’t see a way through that now know HE will bring me through! So as I cry out HELP I cry out THANKS and WOW at the same time for I know God will help me.
    What a wonderful God we have – it makes me want to do whatever I can to assist others and let them know how much God loves them.
    I went to a wonderful Healing Prayer conference Friday and Saturday – over and over I came to appreciate the simplicity of Anne’s prayers. God knows what is best for us, there is no need to get more specific, call out HELP, THANKS, WOW and let God do the rest. In the end all will be well!

  7. I just finished this chapter today and I have to admit it was a bit tough for me. And Jeff’s question is hard for me too, because sometimes I often struggle with faith. Even as I write that of course, I have to say THANKS! because I don’t struggle as much as I used to. Putting one foot down in front of the other when I feel as though I am choking with fear and anxiety has become easier with practice and prayer. What I hear from Lamott’s text and Jeff’s remarks is that thanks can be a productive expression of our faith – “the radical gratitude” for what God has already done and for what he is about to do! Lamott mentions this when she talks about her friend Barbara who has Lou Gehrigs disease. This is type of faith and grace I am working towards…

    I hope everyone has a great Holy Week!

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