One Book, One Diocese: Help, Thanks, Wow–Week 4

Bishop Lee’s discussion of Anne Lamott’s book Help, Thanks, Wow continues with the chapter titled “Wow.” “When was the last time you gasped right out loud because something delighted and surprised you?” he asks.

3 thoughts on “One Book, One Diocese: Help, Thanks, Wow–Week 4

  1. January 5, 2013. At the ordination of my dear friend and spiritual mentor. We had waited for her to be ordained and thus afforded that special gift of blessing: people, objects and yes, me. The procession and service were awesomely beautiful and meaningful. But the goosebump moment came after the recessional as I made my way down the aisle and saw the bishop on his knees in front of her while she blessed him. Indeed I gasped, teared up and felt my chest swell with joy. I was dumbstruck with the wonder and importance of that moment. And I understand now that what I felt was a very special prayer of thanks.

  2. Sometimes life seems overwhelmingly bad – another person is shot like the 6 month old baby, people are killed in terrible accidents caused by a drunk driver, when you see the homeless huddled under a overpass trying to stay warm and dry or going through the trash bins looking for food, or when you drive past house after house vacated and boarded up due to forclosure, . . . Then you see someone tenderly helping a child or an older person or a dog get safely across the street, you see a child offering to their mother some flowers they picked, you see an act of unconditional love, you hear beautiful music or see a flower blooming or, as we will soon see, the trees in bright new green leaves – WOW! Life is also overwhelmingly good.

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