One Book, One Diocese: Help, Thanks, Wow–Week 5

In this discussion of the final chapter of Help, Thanks, Wow, Bishop Lee reflects on “amen:”

“When we say amen…I think what we’re saying really is ‘yes.’ ‘Yes’ to the prayer we want to make and may not be even able to give adequate voice to, ‘yes’ to the deepest longing of our hearts…What we’re saying yes to, finally in prayer, is the desire at the root of our being for God to remake us, to make us new.”

2 thoughts on “One Book, One Diocese: Help, Thanks, Wow–Week 5

  1. I was taught in EFM training that AMEN means “let it be so, for me.” To me, each Amen reinforces everything I’ve just said. I have no idea where that definition came from and can’t remember which trainer shared it, but it’s always stuck with me.

  2. Several years ago I realized that the most life changing prayer is “not my will but thine be done”. I pray this over and over. It has become my HELP, THANKS, WOW and AMEN. It takes a lot of praying to move it from words to true desire for it means giving up, surrendering to God.

    I pray it as a mantra as I lay myself open to God in prayer. I have come to realize that it is the most powerful prayer Jesus taught us for it is what has brought us from sin and death to everlasting life. AMEN.

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